These PDF files are intended to be usefull to me and to all my students.

 C o n n e c t i v i t y  

Reference Description
AN833 The Microchip TCP/IP Stack
PICTail Ethernet PICTail Rev5 Schematic
MC35i MC35i - Siemens Cellular Engine

 P r o g r a m m i n g   T o o l s

Reference Description
PIC C Code An Introduction to Programming the Microchip PIC in C
C18 Getting Started Microchip C18 C-Compiler Getting Started
C18 Libraries Microchip C18 C-Compiler Libraries
PICKit2UG PIC Kit2 User Guides

 D i s c r e t e s  

Reference Description
Thyristors Technical Publications on Thyristors and Triacs
Thyristors Thyristors - Theory, Parameters and Applications
Thyristors Thyristor Theory and Design Considerations - Handbook (ON Semiconductor)
Opamp Circuits National Opamp Circuit Collection
Switched Converters Switched Mode Power Supply Reference Manual
Linear Regulators Linear & Switching Voltage Regulator Handbook - (ON Semiconductor)

 T u t o r i a l s

Reference Description
AC Circuits Lessons in Electric Circuits, Volume II - AC (Very Good Stuff)
Electric 1 Conceitos Basicos de Electricidade (Espanhol)